Advanced Biodiesel Production

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Find New Markets

We believe the future for high volume glycerol producers lies in its conversion to glycidol and the resultant opening of wholly new markets for them. These range from epoxies to diluents, surfactants and acrylic coatings.

Utilising glycidol eliminates the need to use epichlorohydrin in epoxy manufacture thus providing chlorine-free, cheaper epoxy alternatives. Ceimici Novel is at the forefront of technological advancement in efforts to eliminate the use of phenols (particularly BPA) in this market by encouraging the adoption of polyols (derived from glycidol and a variety of esters).

Depending on the type of ester, reaction of the hydroxy group of the glycidol molecule produces aromatic, aliphatic, monofunctional, difunctional and polyfunctional variants. A broad range of molecular weights offers a significant spectrum of functionality.